The Role of Christians in Today’s Society

The modern world is filled with distraction, confusion, and division, and Christians are called to be the light in these dark and trying times.

Live Out Your Faith

The book Colossians Verse by Verse by Dr. Jack Hetzel is an excellent reminder to all Christians to live out their faith and remain steadfast in following the footsteps of Christ. Inspired by one of the 27 books in the New Testament, Hetzel’s Colossians offers new insights on the letter sent by Apostle Paul to a congregation at Colossae in the Lycus Valley in Asia Minor, east of Ephesus. Hetzel and Paul’s call for Christians to practice their faith and become good examples to others is relevant today. By doing so, we embrace Paul’s message to early Christians, which includes a warning to false prophets, the preeminence of Christ, and how to live an ideal Christian life in this world. Now more than ever, Christians must live out their faith to battle apostasy, temptation, and deterioration of values.

Honor God Always

One of the challenges for Christians living in modern society is the rise of apostasy. The Christian Church also has to deal with heresy, blasphemy, and false prophets. It is the role of every Christian to always honor God above all things. The technological advancements and the spread of many modern ideas often distract us from our faith, and we put God secondary to our career, personal glory, and other worldy endeavors. Honoring the Lord also means honoring His creations, especially nature and the environment. All Christians must help preserve a healthy natural environment and fight forces that permit the planet’s destruction for personal greed. Overall, Christians must continue to forge a meaningful relationship with God.

Promote Solidarity

From John 13:35’s “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” to 1 Peter 2:17’s “Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king”, the call for solidarity is clear. And this call is still relevant today. Among the responsibilities of Christians is to foster brotherhood and unity among Christians and all human beings. It is a great sight to see the faithful work together for the goodness of the Church and its flock. However, the mission does not end there. We called to establish good relationships with those who do not share our faith but share our vision of a just and humane society. Inter-faith solidarity is also essential in achieving such goals.

Protect / Value Life

Disregard for human life comes in many forms- unjust war, death penalty, abortion, crime, corruption, poverty, etc. Human life is precious to God, and as followers of Christ, we must do all that we can do to preserve it. When we are called to protect and value human life, it does not simply mean preventing death and unnecessary loss of human lives. It also means working for a moral and dignified life, not only for ourselves but also for all humankind. Loss of values, deteriorating morals, corruption, economic inequality, prejudice, and indifference all contribute to the suffering of our fellow Christians and humankind. It is, therefore, the duty of modern-day Christians to fight against injustice, poverty, corruption, and immorality, just as Jesus did during his time.

Spread the Gospel

The recent years (and decades) have certainly presented challenges that have tested our faith and the Church itself. Controversies, wars, politics, and the Covid-19 pandemic have put us in dark and desperate times. It will not come as a surprise if we feel detached from God and the Christian faith. Hopelessness and anxiety are common feelings among our brothers and sisters. Therefore, it is our prime responsibility to spread the Gospel of the Lord. Let us be steadfast in bringing the Word of God not only to fellow Christians but to all members of our society. Let us remind them that God is with us, and only through Him can we rise again and find happiness and contentment.

Christians must play an active and progressive role in today’s society not only for the sake of relevance but, more importantly, because living out these roles means living the life of Jesus Christ. By performing these duties, we reaffirm our faith in the Church and God.

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