Dr. Jack Hetzel

There is nothing more powerful than an idea. Ideas created and now controlled a thought; when a thought is conceived, it is called a concept. Concepts are the material that dreams are made of and they serve as substance for living and interpreting life. Everything humans have made or invented was first preceded by an idea. As a matter of fact, inventions are often called one’s “brain – child.”

In essence, the mind can be impregnated by ideas that develop into concepts that become visions that produce reality. Concepts are to life what blood is to the body. Perhaps this is what the great king Solomon meant when he wrote over 3,000 years ago, “as a man thinks so is he.” You are or become your concepts. Psychologists describe our value and estimation of our life by the nature of our “self-concept.”

Concepts rise in value as we consider our perception and interpretation of life. Human communication is solely dependent on concepts. As a matter of fact, the purpose and goal of communication is to transfer our ideas and concepts from your mind to another mind. Therefore, communication is only successful when the sender’s concepts are received accurately and properly understood by the receiver and vice versa. If your ideas are wrong, then your concepts are wrong, and consequently, your understanding will be inaccurate and incomplete. You can only understand properly if your concepts are in alignment with your ideas and your ideas must be based upon God’s dynamic truth. The original concept is always in the mind of the sender. In this state of the thinking process is called a “precept.” Simply put, a precept is “an original idea.” Therefore, in order to understand the original concept, you must have a clear grasp of the precepts of the sender of a message. The heart of understanding is precepts and concepts. Error is a product and result of what is called “misconception.” In reality, the receiver misunderstood the concept of the sender.



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